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Αυτόματες βαλβίδες εξισορρόπησης

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Οι αυτόματες βαλβίδες εξισορρόπησης ASV της Danfoss παρέχουν έναν απλή, αξιόπιστη και αποδοτική υδραυλική εξισορρόπηση σε δισωλήνια συστήματα θέρμανσης ή ψύξης. Λύνουν το πρόβλημα των διακυμάνσεων πίεσης: τη βασική αιτία των ανισορροπιών του συστήματος, προβλημάτων άνισης κατανομής θερμότητας, του θορύβου και της υψηλής κατανάλωσης ενέργειας. Η ASV αποτελείται από δύο στοιχεία. Ρυθμιστή διαφορικής πίεσης ASV-P ή ASV-PV στο σωλήνα επιστροφής και βαλβίδα «συνεργάτη» στο σωλήνα προσαγωγής ASV-BD, ASV-I ή ASV-M.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Danfoss ASV automatic balancing valves provide a simple, reliable and cost-effective way to create hydronic balance in two-pipe heating or cooling systems. They solve the technical issue of pressure fluctuations: the root cause of system imbalances and problems such as uneven heat distribution, noise and high energy consumption. ASV consists from two components; a return-pipe mounted differential pressure controller ASV-P or ASV-PV and flow-pipe mounted partner valve ASV-BD, ASV-I or ASV-M. An impulse tube connects both valves so the differential pressure over the riser can be controlled. In combination with Danfoss RA-N or RA-UN pre-setting valves on the radiators a perfectly balanced system, in both full and partial load conditions, is achieved.

The 4th generation of ASV-PV offers many unique product innovations. It is designed based on the needs from installers, designers and consultants with a focus on time saving during installation and commissioning of the system.

Features and benefits
- Visible setting scale
- Simple adjustment of the differential pressure setting, no special equipment is required. The clearly visible setting scale makes it easy to determine if the setting is adjusted correctly. The setting ring can be locked to prevent unauthorized adjustments.
- Short build in height
- The installation dimensions are decreased for flexible and convenient installation.
- Faster and better flushing
- Increase the reliability of the system by flushing it and remove before putting the system into operation. To flush and fill a system faster, the ASV-PV valve can temporarily be locked in an open position by a flushing ring accessory.
- Integrated membrane
- The valve body and pressure membrane are combined into one component. This design ensures optimal low flow performance and extremely ideal differential pressure sensitivity for each individual DN size valve.

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