When the human based character meets the innovation, the result can only be a brand that stands out in the market and now belongs to the Superbrands of the Greek economy.

Superbrands are the largest global player, which recognizes and rewards companies that have developed outstanding activity and are the strongest corporate brands in the markets in which they operate.

Having 43 years of business activity and securing exclusive representations of the largest European brands in the field of energy, as well as a wide network of partners, Thermovent aims to provide the Greek and Cypriot market with a complete range of sustainable specialized heating, cooling and energy saving solutions for homes, businesses and industrial applications.

Thermovent keeps people at the center of its business. Its goal is to create ideal climatic conditions for the final user of its products, whether it is a home user or a business. At the same time, it invests in building meaningful relationships with its partners. The main achievement of the company is the development of strong and long-term ties with its network of partners - suppliers and customers, which are based on three core values: trust, team spirit and know-how.

At the same time, true to its vision of supplying the markets in which it operates with holistic, innovative and smart energy management and saving solutions, Thermovent has strategically chosen to invest in innovation, providing its partners with a range of digital tools to facilitate their daily lives, despite the fact that it operates in a purely traditional industry. One of them is the award-winning B2B online store, which serves the markets of Thermovent partners 24/7/365.

In addition to expanding product lines, for which it ensures continuous availability to its partners, Thermovent is also able to provide value-added services to them, such as supporting the cooperating retail network and technical-design companies with up-to-date and up-to-date information. for the new trends in the field of energy, elaboration of studies, provision of consulting, elaboration of training seminars and regular visits to the factories abroad, in which a large number of its collaborators participate.

Adhering to its vision and values, Thermovent has managed to remain healthy over time, with significant growth in the last decade, despite the adverse conditions that have shaped the markets in which it operates and proves it today, awarded as one of the leading companies in Greece by the global institution of Superbrands.

We would like to share this award with all our partners and people at Thermovent, who are our motivation for our continuous development and improvement. Thank you all very much!