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Our services

Thermovent has been an importer of central heating and air conditioning since 1978 and offers energy solutions for all types of building applications.

It offers certified and recognized European products in the Greek market as well as many other services, such as:

- Seminars in our privately owned facilities, in a specially designed room as well as an organized workshop with our products in operation

- Regular visits to our representatives throughout Greece by educated and qualified staff.

- Direct deliveries within 1-2 days in Attica and in the agencies with our own means of transport.

- Support for our products and customers with a full range of spare parts, the majority in stock, even for decades old archive products.

- Continuous transfer of our knowledge and industry trends to our partners, from our participation in many industry exhibitions in Greece and abroad and our visits to the factories / offices we represent.

- Possibility with the help of our authorized external partners, at the request of the interested party, the installation of our products.

- Configuration of exhibition spaces of stores with our experience and also providing many of our products.

- B2B (business 2 business) online store where our partner can order products easily and quickly whenever he wants and from wherever he wants, taking advantage of all online services.

In recent years, the changes in the technological sector in which we operate have been many and rapid, in order to achieve the EU's Community guidelines for lower energy pollution. Also, our habits in our daily lives change, we want to have solutions that simplify it.

For these reasons, Thermovent will always evolve and upgrade its energy solutions and services, always with respect to the people and the environment.