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CTC Combi Air
Inverter Heat Pumps 6 - 16kW for heating and cooling
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Σε περίπτωση επιλογής της αντλίας θα πρέπει να υπολογίσετε και την αγοράς του κυκλοφορητή PWM 25/85-130 με κωδικό 287-002-010.

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    Learn about the product

    CTC CombiAir is a new series of efficient speed-controlled air-to-water heat pumps. CTC CombiAir is available in four sizes, from 6 kW to 16 kW. CTC CombiAir is very easy to install. The heat pumps use the outdoor air as the energy source, so no boreholes or coils are needed in the ground.

    The speed-controlled compressor adapts to the house’s power needs during the year. When more heat or hot water is required, the heat pump increases the power, and when less is needed, it goes down to lower speeds. Thanks to this, you always get maximum savings.

    The heat pump is intended to be connected to water-borne heating systems and can produce both hot water and cooling. When it is cold (-20 °C), CTC CombiAir can deliver a flow temperature of as much as 58 °C, which is sufficient for both heat and hot water. During the hot days of the year, the well-developed cooling function delivers a very pleasant indoor climate. Long hot days outside are best finished off with something cool to drink and an even cooler evening inside.

    CTC CombiAir has an automatic fan capacity control. CTC CombiAir also has a ”quiet operation” mode that allows scheduling when it needs to work at a lower noise level.

    Depending on your heating system, CTC CombiAir can be controlled in different ways. You control the heat pump via the indoor module CTC EcoZenith i360 H/L. If you install CTC CombiAir together with the indoor module CTC EcoZenith i360, you get a complete heating/ cooling and hot water system. CTC EcoZenith i360 has a built-in heat pump control and a highly efficient hot water heater. The CTC EcoZenith i360 is equipped with the same highly efficient technology for hot water preparation as our geothermal heat pumps. In combination with a CTC heat pump, it produces over 300 litres of hot water.

    CTC EcoZenith i360 is equipped with an integrated touch display, where you can easily access all functions and can both swipe and scroll, just like your smartphone.
    In addition, you can easily mirror the display in your tablet, mobile, etc. The colour touch screen has clear symbols with text in your preferred language whicht makes it easy to adjust heat and hot water or to retrieve information about the operation.

    CTC EcoZenith i360 has internet connectivity as standard so you can easily control your heat pump remotely. To fit in the smart home, the product is ready for connection to Alexa, Google Home etc. It is also Smartgrid ready, which means that it is prepared for the electricity grid of the future.

    With the help of accessories, you can easily supplement with solar heating, let a water-jacketed stove or your existing boiler contribute heat or connect a pool so you can enjoy the heat during the summer.

    With the myUplink app, you can monitor and control your system directly in your mobile phone. You can, for example, adjust the temperature or receive an alarm in the event of a stoppage. The app can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or Google Play.


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