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Inverter heat pumps monobloc 6.60 - 17,40 kW
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    The state of the art heating pumps offered by EMMETI address the high requirements of comfort and maintenance costs efficiency. MIRAI SMI is a heating pump designed and made in Japan to guarantee the best efficiency and reliability in air conditioning both during  the summer and winter seasons. This heating pump unites compactness with completeness, as some of the components of the thermal system with the relative adjustment, are already integrated in this unit.

    Its wide arrange of possible configurations makes this the ideal unit for direct connection with various systems such as: cooling and  heating radiators, air thermal units (cassettes or fans), low temperature radiators and heating exchangers for DHW production. This new system makes installation and system start up operations easier. The supply type and extremely reduced consumptions also  make it compatible with the normal electric supply conditions foreseen by the manager, as it is dedicated to residential.

    The home is easily and efficiently controlled by an optional remote control (CRONO-TH) fitted on the machine, leaving the user to freely manage operating times and temperatures, guaranteeing maximum comfort and minimum electric energy consumption. To be added are the typical advantages of realising a thermal system with heat pumps, the possibility of cooling and heating the premises with one single unit, greater product reliability in time, respect for the environment through the total elimination  of the direct  CO2 emissions, no charges for: routine maintenance, realisation of gas adduction systems, discharge of combustion products giving improved safety.