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CTC EcoZenith i555
Multiple functions buffer tank with built-in intelligent control and internet connection
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    Learn about the product

    Pool? Solar energy? Or just teenagers?

    CTC EcoZenith i555 Pro is an all-in-one tank with built-in, intelligent control.

    New smart display

    CTC Ecozenith i555 Pro has a brand new touchscreen display, and the updated interface allows you to easily access all the features, just like on your smartphone. In addition, you can easily mirror the display on your tablet, mobile, etc. But most important of all is that it has clear symbols and multi-language settings – you can easily adjust the heat, hot water, and other functions or retrieve a range of information about the operation.

    Built-in intelligent control

    CTC EcoZenith i555 Pro can control all components in one or more heating circuits: solar heating, pool heating, extra DHW and buffer tanks, as well as electric, wood, oil, gas and pellet boilers. It is also able to control many different types of heat pumps and select which is to be used for optimal savings.

    Flexible heating system

    The CTC EcoZenith i555 Pro has several connection points on the sides. This provides discreet and simple pipe installations along with possibilities to easily extend the system in the future. Add CTC heat pumps or boilers for unlimited possibilities to create a flexible heating system. If you want to utilise solar heating, the CTC EcoZenith i555 Pro is equipped with solar control and a 10 metre-long solar coil.

    Plenty of hot water

    CTC EcoZenith i555 Pro provides plenty of hot water. At a flow rate of 22 litres per minute, the capacity is more than 600 litres of 40˚C hot water.

    Superior insulation

    The CTC EcoZenith i555 Pro is very well insulated with 90 mm-thick injection-moulded polyurethane. The insulation is supplied separately, which allows the CTC EcoZenith i555 Pro to fit through a standard door.

    Low ceiling height? No problem

    CTC EcoZenith i555 Pro is only 1.70 m tall, and can therefore be placed in rooms with low ceilings.

    Output up to 27 kW

    CTC EcoZenith i555 Pro 3x400V is equipped with two electric heaters with a combined output of 18 kW. An additional electric heater is available as an accessory to achieve a total output of 27 kW.

    Ready for future challenges

    CTC EcoZenith i555 Pro has internet connectivity as standard, so you can easily control your heat pump remotely. To ensure compatibility with smart homes, the product is equipped for connection to Alexa, Google Home, etc. It is also SmartGrid-ready, which means it is equipped for the electricity grid of the future.