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CTC EcoZenith i255
Buffer tank for heating, fresh DHW, built-in intelligent control and internet connection
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    Learn about the product

    Flexible indoor module with user-friendly display, built-in heat pump control and internet connectivity

    CTC EcoZenith i255 has a touch display with a very user-friendly interface through which you can easily access all functions – just like your smartphone. You can also mirror the display on your tablet, phone or computer. But most importantly, it has a multi-language interface and clear symbols that make it easy to adjust heating, hot water, etc. and retrieve a wealth of information about the operation.

    The indoor module must never be the weak link – then it won’t matter how efficient your heat pump is. For the CTC EcoZenith i255 we have chosen the same technology as in the ground source heat pump CTC EcoHeat. The CTC EcoZenith i255 is built with a water buffer that ensures good operating conditions for the compressor, irrespective of the heating system. This minimises the risk of clicks and other noises in your radiator system. The CTC EcoZenith i255 has many advantages: How about intelligent heat pump control? A colour touchscreen? Solar connection? Just to mention a few examples.

    The most important function of the indoor module is to produce a lot of hot water as frugally and quickly as possible. CTC EcoZenith i255 will not let you and your family down. CTC EcoZenith i255 is always installed with the CTC EcoAir or CTC EcoPart heat pumps, and supplies hot water at a temperature of up to 65 °C. The tank accommodates a full 223 litres.

    Select an appropriate height (1.65 or 1.90 m) The housing cover (pictured) is standard, but is available in several heights for a neater installation.

    You can add other energy sources now or later. With two available connections – for e.g. solar heating, a water-jacketed stove, or even a pool! The product is able to control two individual heating circuits as standard. You can also cool down in summer if you supplement ground source heating with passive cooling, which uses the cool temperature of the bedrock for pleasant cool air.

    CTC EcoZenith i255 has internet connectivity as standard, so you can easily control your heat pump remotely. To ensure compatibility with smart homes, the product is equipped for connection to Alexa, Google Home, etc. It is also SmartGrid-ready, which means it is equipped for the electricity grid of the future.


    • Smart touch display with user-friendly interface
    • Economical: save up to 80% with a ground source heat pump
    • Produces hot water of up to 65οC
    • Available in 2 heights and 4 versions
    • Automatic shunt for comfortable, stable heating
    • Built-in heat pump control
    • Can be controlled from a smartphone with myUplink
    • All-inclusive